We are delighted to have you apply for a media badge! Events like ours would not be possible without the support of our local media. Kindly read the below policies before you apply.


We hope that you can be part of our amazing event!

Media Pass Rules & Etiquette

  • All photography belongs to the photographer or there organization. VanExpo reserves the right for general and unrestricted usage of said media and is granted use and edit media for their own marketing purposes.

  • When photographing or video recording artists and vendors you must first get permission of the vendor or artist.

  • You must ask permission from cosplayers before taking their picture of videotaping them. You must not touch them at any time without their express permission.

  • VanExpo does not take any responsibility for the actions of media agents, members of the press or journalists.

  • While attending VanExpo events members of the press are expected to act with kindness and courtesy towards vendors, artists, staff & patrons. VanExpo reserves the right to revoke your pass if they are found to not be adhering to our policies.

  • Early admission to our set up day on Friday is allowed but kindly contact our staff first to arrange a tour.

  • Requests to access our Special guests and artists are permitted as long as you contact one of our staff beforehand and will be handled on a first come first serve bases and at the artists and celebrities discretion.

**Please note that by applying for a media pass does not guarantee that you will receive one. We receive a lot of requests and unfortunately cannot accommodate them all.