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2:00 PM

Concept Art & Visual Storytelling


Concept Artist

Everyone knows that we would not be here in our geek world without the help of artists. Some of our most cherished motion pictures have been created by or next guest, John Gallagher. Former Director of Concept Art at Bioware for a decade during their golden age 1995-2005, John has lived and worked in Vancouver in the film industry for the last eleven years.

Since landing in the film game, John has worked on a diverse range of genre series and features from Once Upon A Time, Falling Skies, Man In The High Castle, Night At The Museum, Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters and Power Rangers. 

He is currently illustrating The Flash, Tales From The Loop and Batwoman; and just wrapped from Titans, The Umbrella Academy, The Twilight Zone and Lost In Space. John also does variant covers for the big five and designs collectible statues for market.