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Every person has an unwritten adventure waiting to begin, a fantasy that fuels their soul and a prophesy that must be fulfilled. As close as a midnight dream, a mystical realm exists where all your deepest desires come true. A place where magic and science are one in the same and the future is brought into the present.


Welcome to the world of Geektopia, a one-day event held in Vancouver, British Columbia that specializes in all genres of entertainment and fandoms. Whether you’re interested in Anime, Fantasy, Horror or Science fiction; this is the place where you belong. A community that accepts all, practices tolerance and celebrates diversity.


Please let us introduce you to the Geektopians, a technologically advanced race that reside in an alternate universe. Geektopians have long practiced the philosophy of philanthropy. In honour of this tradition, we will continue our fight to protect the innocent, speak for those who are silenced and help rebuild spirits. 

The goal of Geektopia is to bridge the gaps between entertainment and education. We hope to create opportunities for fans to dive deeper into their cherished genres by holding seminars, panels, open gaming and cosplay events with prizes to stimulate their minds or to further their quest to be a part of the entertainment industry. From local artists to aspiring actors, sci-fi geeks to fantasy freaks, there is a place for everyone.


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VAN EXPO  thrives on producing and hosting a series of events, shows and fundraisers in the Greater Vancouver Area. Our mission is to entertain, stimulate and educate the general public on important causes, all while raising awareness, contributions and assistance to charitable organizations.


These events are also a way to open the door of opportunity for local businesses while giving back to the community. Educating the general public doesn’t have to be stressful, VAN EXPO is paving the way for education to be fun and meaningful. This is where entertainment and philanthropy join forces for a unforgettable time.